Roller Micrometers

Product Line Overview

At AMI, our goal is to make your job easier and more productive.  In addition to the products below, we offer training and support, preventative maintenance, and retrofits.  We also maintain a multi-million dollar inventory to support our equipment throughout the world.

AMI screen printers have you covered!  Our precision screen printers take care of your present advanced packaging requirements, yet allow convenient and economical field upgrades to meet the future as your needs change and grow.

Printer with vision alignment

We have spent 40 years continually developing our screen printers' capabilities and extending their useful lives for maximum value to you.

Count on AMI to keep you ahead of the competition with our automated substrate handling systems.  We offer a variety of handling modules to load and unload printers, dryers, furnaces, or other production equipment.

Automatic cassette loading system

Let us help determine the best fit for a productive, cost-effective, smooth flowing, and fully integrated system for years of day-in, day-out dependability.  It's what we do best.

Printed circuits need to be dried quickly and thoroughly to remove all volatile chemicals from the printed paste or ink.

Dryer with stainless steel belt

Our "black body", long wavelength IR elements provide maximum drying efficiency with shorter drying times, less paste spread, lower energy costs, and higher yields.  Stainless steel conveyor belts give long life under repeated high temperature cycles.

AMI offers a broad range of automatic belt loading/unloading equipment to keep product flowing smoothly through the dryer.

AMI offers both manual and automatic vision alignment options for its printers.   These alignment options eliminate registration problems associated with using board/substrate edges or tooling holes for alignment prior to printing.

Vision alignment display

AMI manual vision alignment options can be retrofitted to many existing AMI printers currently in the field.

AMI offers two types of lint-free cleaning cloths for cleaning and polishing screens, stencils, squeegees, spatulas, electronic equipment, and general clean room use.

We also offer squeegee blades and squeegee holders.

Squeegee blades and holders

These accessories can be ordered via the internet, by fax, or by postal mail using the
order process on this website.

These size and sort small parts on a continuous basis.   Functioning like an automated thickness gauge, it can sort virtually any part up to 0.5" (12.7mm) in size without special gauge blocks or special procedures.

Roller micrometer for automated gauging

Roller micrometers easily sort solder spheres, stampings, tubes, preforms, glass beads, and many other parts with tolerances as close as 0.0001" ▒ 0.00001" (2.54Ám ▒ 0.25Ám).


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